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Ping Pong


What is PingPong?

PingPong is a platform, which allows new way of initiating and managing the growth of any start-up or a team. It allows to communicate, collaborate and develop every aspect of your team and pay for completed tasks with crypto-currency or team tokens.

The base functionality to issue your own token gives teams an ability to involve people into their work by either selling tokens or award tokens to freelancers or think-alikes for completing tasks.

  • a user-friendly and secure interaction platform
  • a project-management and task tracking platform
  • payments and invoicing
  • token issuing


Token creation platform

Blockchain platform allows a bitcoin trader individual or team, to create tokens, which can be used as a payment tool in group chats and as an investment tool for anyone, not only to financially support teams, but also to increase assets. The process of creating a token using PingPong is both simple and elegant. Users don’t need to have coding skills. They can list created tokens on an exchange, trade them within their circles or simply keep it for private use.

Group conversations

Group chat is a great way of collaboration on any topic or project. PingPong has everything you need to stay focused: share media, use mentions and flexible notifications, create different-topic threads.


Card is a place to add comments , checklists, upload file attachments and due dates. You can share PingPong cards with many people you need and divvy up their tasks to keep any project on track.


A library is an organised storage box, for all content that has ever been sent in chat. Moreover, you can download to PingPong library any files you want to store. Filter by date, sender, text inside documents. Along with the state-of-art search technology, PingPong has deep search functionality, returning results in case the keyword appears in the document or in the context.


PingPong gives startupers freedom to choose the way of payment : with crypto-currency or with creation of tokens. Moreover, card tasks in PingPong can be connected with automatic transactions, making payment of services simple and convenient.


PingPong uses end-to-end encryption to secure your personal and business information.

Open Api

PingPong is meant to simplify work with different Apps. Open API allows future integration with Dropbox, Google Docs, GitHub, which also helps users to track the project process and decrease overwork with information from different IMs, mails and project tools.




Ruslan Inozemtsev

Founder & CEO

Tatyana Inozemtseva

Project Manager

Ilia Esterov

PR Director

Oleg Safonov

Lead Front-end Developer

Alexander Ashikhmin

Front-end Developer

Vladimir Shushkov

Lead Back-end Developer

Dmitry Gogolev

Smart Contract Guru

Anna Grigoryeva

Project Manager

Yulia Drobnitsa

UX/UI Designer


Gary Vinokur

Director, EM Financing at ICBC Standard Bank Plc

Bertrand Gachot

CEO Hype Energy Drinks, Former racing driver

Sven Hartmann

Troubleshooter at hARTmann Service

Yuriy Polukeev

There are our ETH and BTC wallets, where we accept your payments, as soon as they are received, our community manager sends direct ratio of tokens to your ETH wallet, please pay attention, it is important to leave your ETH wallet, e-mail and transaction code.